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Greenport Advisors specializes in utilizing insurance based products that create retirement wealth and protect families from the "what if's" in life. Our process is focused on ELIMINATING RISK and creating stable returns through various types of fixed annuities. These products will NEVER LOSE MONEY regardless of market performance, and, if desired, can create a steady stream of income for the remainder of your life. We also firmly belief in protecting families and their future. To this extent, we offer life insurance to protect your families future income in case a tragedy strikes. Through sound risk management and targeting stable returns, we aim to create a comfortable retirement plan without all of the risk and drama associated with today's volatile stock market. Our goal is to help maximize returns while minimizing tax liabilities while never having to fear the next big stock market correction.
The United States has been on a path of reckless behavior, which has led to debts and deficits which are spiraling our of control. Our fiscal and monetary debts are at nightmare proportions, and projections from economists across the world have warned people of the potential impending disaster. Our financial system is dependent upon debt to fuel growth, but with deficits reaching over 17 TRILLION DOLLARS today, the ability to repay those debt seems more and more in question. The United States has an unending printing press in the Federal Reserve, bu at what point does the debt strangle future growth?
Countries from around the globe have been cutting interest rates to zero in an effort to stimulate growth. In many countries Interest rates are negative, meaning you have to pay them to hold your money! As you will see on the ensuing chart, interest rates are at historic lows while the deficits continue to skyrocket. If, indeed, these aggressive monetary policies spell ultimate disaster for our country is not the question. The question is, if this is indeed the biggest bubble in history, are you, your family and your portfolio protected? Let us show you how to protect your money and your financial future first, then we can truly focus on maximizing returns.
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